Email Marketing - Based on your business

Email Marketing Still the most powerful marketing method on internet. This way can reach the customer directly. An email from a company registered account most probably opened to see the content. The conversion will be very high

How can email with a gmail account

The gmail is a free account and possibility to go to the junk folder or spam. But once they have confirmed this as Not a spam, then it will be delivered directly. The mailchip emailing software can measure the results with report contains the details of delivered, opened, not yet opened, etc.

Customer relationship management and sending special offers and discount to the loyal customers, the email marketing is the best way to do online.

Customer based Email Marketing

Email marketing encouraging customer based marketing. This means the email must be send to the known and verified email IDs. The fake and fake collection of emails, can not be successful much. But many companies and software are doing bulk emailing program. But the conversion will be 25 to 30% or much in some cases.